Brownie Bust

* It’s been a crazy week – last cake decorating class, second week of food prep, last day of the job I’ve had for 8 years, my grandfather-in-law passing away. I’m doing a little back-blogging, so please bear with me. Thanks!

Friday, August 29th – my last day! I’ve been with this company for 8 years and I’ve finally cut the cord. It’s about time too. I haven’t felt respected or motivated in a long time. I was just there because it was easy, I was good at it and the pay was decent. I’m ready to take the plunge. Follow my dreams and become a baker. AHHH!!! It’s nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time.

I wasn’t sure if they were going to throw me a party or anything. I didn’t find out until Thursday that they were planning on having lunch brought in. It was a nice gesture, but don’t you think you should find out what the guest of honor likes? Pasados? Not my favorite. Am I being too selfish and ungrateful? Shouldn’t I just be happy and honored that they appreciated me enough to throw me a farewell lunch – at the last minute? Especially since they bought me nice gifts from Willams-Sonoma. Granted, not things I would have picked out, but it’s the thought that counts right? Although I must say, those bowls are very sturdy. I haven’t gotten the spatulas yet or tried out the decorating tools.

peanut butter cream cheese brownies

It would have been nice for Hubby to have been there to share this with me, but he received a phone call that morning informing him that his grandfather had passed away. It wasn’t a huge surprise to anyone. He’s been in bad health for awhile and they really thought it was his time last week. So, Hubby took off for his parents’ house so he could be there to support his family. He came back that evening and all of us went back Saturday afternoon for the viewing and stayed until Sunday for the funeral.

Whenever I think funeral, I think food. Who doesn’t? The family doesn’t have time to be thinking about their next meal, let alone food for everyone else that’s coming. I figured I’d whip up a batch of brownies to take with us on Saturday.
I wanted to try something new. My IL’s are very enthusiastic taste tasters, especially my FIL. I found a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Marbled Brownie that sounded delicious. I followed the recipe exactly – well, ok, I replaced ¼ cup of ap flour with ww flour, reduced the sugar by ¼ cup and used chocolate chunks instead of chips, but that’s it! This batter was not like any other brownie batter I’ve ever seen. I mean, just look at the shiny, thick consistency. I could barely spread the mixture into my pan. There was no “gently” dragging to be had. I think I got carpal tunnel. I wish I knew where I went wrong.

peanut butter cream cheese brownies

I can’t decide whether or not to try this recipe again. It seemed so promising. The title alone made me want to make these. But when they came out of the oven, I knew something was really wrong. And when I finally cut into them I was so sad. They were dry and just, SOLID.

peanut butter cream cheese brownies


6 Responses

  1. you’re right–they sound delicious! what a bummer that turned out so dry and well, solid. 🙂 the idea definitely deserves some tweakage–i think you should keep the peanut butter mixture and just add it to your favorite brownie recipe.

  2. Thanks Grace. That’s a great idea.

  3. Oh, drat. Sounds like a string of disappointments. I’m so excited for your new job. Please write all about it for all of us to read. Sorry about Grandpa in law. Ours is sick too and very old but he just keeps a hanging on.

  4. Congrats on the big last day, Susan, and I agree with Grace – try your favorite brownie recipe with the peanut butter filling. When marbling stuff, it’s always good if they’re close to the same texture. Looks so lovely, though – like a marbled chocolate map of the USA!

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