Course 1, Class 3 – Clowns & Flowers

wilton course 1, class 3

My cake decorating class has dwindled down to 2 students. I say dwindled down like there were a lot to begin with.  We had 3. 😛 We’re not sure what happened to the other girl – she was even talking to the other girl last week about carpooling. Maybe she’ll be back for the last class. She does have a 7 month old at home, maybe she wasn’t able to find someone to watch the baby.

Last night we learned how to make shell borders, drop flowers, balls, bears & clowns. Then we spent the last half of the class actually decorating our cakes.  As you can see, my frosting was not set.  It was raining all day and the cake was in the car, so the humidity took over.  But, that’s ok, it still turned out alright. 

We were supposed to choose to do a clown cake, or a drop flower cake.  I figured I needed the practice, so I did both. My clown was enjoying a relaxing afternoon in a field (ok, maybe not a field) of flowers.  My flowers didn’t quite turn out the way they were supposed to, but I think it still looks good…rustic, right? Haha!

wilton course 1, class 3

wilton course 1, class 3

wilton course 1, class 3
um, where’d my flower go?

wilton course 1, class 3
ah ha! caught purple fingered!

wilton course 1, class 3
and he’s going in for the kill


4 Responses

  1. clowns kinda freak me out, but i love purple, and i love cake, so i think i could get past the clown issue for a slab of this beautiful creation. 🙂

  2. I’ve never understood the “fun” aspect of clowns. They’re just kind of weird to me.
    I’ll take the clown off before cutting you a piece.

  3. I love those little hands reaching out for the frosting. It makes it look twice as inviting. The same thing happened in my cake class. I wish I could take a refresher course so I could make these things again. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten how.

  4. MC takes after his momma, can’t resist those sweets.
    I’m taking these classes through Michael’s and they are very inexpensive if you already have all the supplies.

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