Course 1, Class 2 aka OMG, I Have a Hand Cramp!

Phrases overhead in my head tonight:
“What the hell am I doing?”
“Is this really fun?”
“Parchment bags suck.”
“Hers looks better than mine.”
“Aren’t you supposed to tell me how much gel to use?”
“Why are you just standing there?!  Help me!”
“What?  Twelve of these things?”


That’s how good things went tonight.  Well, ok, it wasn’t THAT bad.  But my hand is seriously tired, as well as my back.  I couldn’t find a really comfortable position, so I alternated between sitting down and standing up.
rainbow cake
star border, ooooo

We practiced stars and writing and transferring a template (rainbow) to a cake. Then we actually filled in the template.  I decided not to write anything on my cake simply because I didn’t have any time…and it wasn’t easy.

rainbow cake
didn’t turn out too bad.  kinda proud of myself.

Oh yeah, and we made some bases for our roses, which is step 1. Next week is step 2. We’re supposed to bring a dozen of them. I just finished them a little bit ago so I wouldn’t have to worry about it all this week. I have to make more frosting – which btw, tastes NASTY – and bring in another frosted cake. I think I’ll try a round cake this time. Maybe something I can submit to the Layers of Cake event being hosted by quirky cupcake. It will give me a chance to brush up on my layer cake skills.  And believe me, I need alot of brushing up.

rainbow cake
you like the chocolate flecked frosting? it’s all the rage.


4 Responses

  1. Your piping is looking really good. You can seriously get a hand cramp from all those stars. I took a decorating class a few years ago. I’m rusty now but it still comes in handy.

  2. Thanks Erin.
    It’s tedious for sure, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

  3. The cramps are worth it, you have done fabulous! I am impressed with your tenacity and skill. Chocolate specks or not, I could go for a slice of cake right now with my coffee.

  4. Thanks Kim. I’m hoping my persistence will pay off.

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