Ice Cream? Cupcake? Both!

ice cream cone cupakes

Ok, technically not both, but it’s a cupcake inside an ice cream cone. 🙂 I’m taking these fun treats to MC’s school for his birthday tomorrow.  His birthday’s Monday, but my family will still be here, so he won’t be going to school.  

If I and MC’s school were able to store them all, I would have put the ice cream on top of the cupcake and then frosted it. But, that wasn’t possible, so I just frosted them instead.  

I thought this was a pretty cute idea, not something you’d normally see.  But, apparently it’s pretty common.  Check out what I found on my box of ice cream cones:

ice cream cone cupakes

I was going for a “funfetti” type cake, but I didn’t want to use a cake mix. I looked around online and found a white cake recipe I could play with. I knew my frosting was going to be sweet, so I cut the amount of sugar in the cake recipe. I also had to use some margarine since I ran out of butter. The only issue I ran into was when I mixed in the sprinkles.  My batter had a blue tinge, but it still had the “confetti” look, whew.

ice cream cone cupakes
I actually cut the tops of the first batch, because I’d overfilled them – see the blueish hue?

I thought I’d try something different with the frosting, because um, remember I ran out of butter, and I didn’t want to go to the store. I used butter flavor shortening. I also thought maybe it’d stand up a little better and keep it’s shape until snack time tomorrow afternoon. 😛 I put sprinkles in the frosting, as well as on top. I think it turned out pretty good…kinda proud of myself.

ice cream cone cupakes

Confetti Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
Adapted from Gourmet Magazine as found here
Yield: 24 ice cream cone cupcakes
Printable Recipe 

8 tablespoons unsalted butter + 4 tablespoons margarine , softened
1 cup sugar
2 cups all purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
6 large egg whites
¾ cup milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
¼ cup sprinkles

Preheat to 350F. Stand ice cream cones up in muffin tins.
In a mixing bowl sift flour, baking powder and salt; set aside.
In a measuring cup combine egg whites, milk and vanilla extract; set aside.

In a stand mixer, beat butter, margarine and sugar for about 5 minutes, until light and fluffy.
Add 1/3 of the flour mixture to the butter mixture then add half the milk mixture. Continue to alternate beginning and ending with flour mixture. Scrape the bowl and beater often. Gently fold in sprinkles.

Fill the cones ½ to 2/3 full of batter. Bake for 25-30, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

Cool before frosting.

Confetti Frosting

2/3 cup butter flavor shortening
2 to 3 cups confectioners’ sugar
2 to 3 tablespoons heavy cream (or milk)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
1/8 cup sprinkles

In a stand mixer beat the shortening until smooth. Add the powdered sugar and heavy cream; beat until smooth. Mix in vanilla until combined. For a stiffer frosting add more confectioners’ sugar. For a thinner frosting add more heavy cream (or milk). Gently fold in the sprinkles and pipe or spread onto cooled cupcakes.


11 Responses

  1. I was just thinking of making these for the kids for next weekend when we have our gamenight!

    They look great!

  2. Thanks Trish. They were really fun to make too. I can’t wait until my little boy can help me make these.

  3. oh, these are so cute–what a terrific idea! if i can’t have ice cream in my cone, the next best thing is a cupcake. very nice!

  4. Thanks Grace. I’d have to agree with you there. 😉

  5. How did you transport these? I made a batch for a BBQ and then ended up destroying most of them while trying to figure out a transport method. I ended up making brownies to bring instead, and we ate alot of yummy, yet disfigured cupcake cones..

  6. They’re awfully cute! I did a similar sort of ice cream cupcake for my son’s K class when it was his bday.

    I have a little award for you on my blog. Please visit to collect your surprise!

  7. […] Ice cream cone cupcakes! Cupcakes in an ice cream cone, made by Susan, apparently the world’s greatest mom, for her son’s schoolroom birthday party. […]

  8. Oh my goodness! These cupcakes are beautiful and remind me of many birthdays gone by. My mom used to make these for us- that way we could have “ice cream cones” for Birthday parties in the middle of December!
    Such a treat to see these- i’ll be snagging the recipe and bookmarking your blog!

  9. Anna, thanks for visiting! I’m happy to walk you down memory lane. 🙂

  10. How fun! What a great idea for a kids (or grown-up for that matter) birthday party.

  11. Thanks Alexa. These can definitely be enjoyed by all. Even my sister (who’s a 26 yr old attorney) loved them. 😛

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