Discover Cake Decorating (Course 1) Class 1

Tonight was my first cake decorating class at my local Michaels. I’m kind of excited, kind of overwhelmed, kind of surprised at all the supplies they require.  I’m not going to list them all out, but it’s a good thing Michael’s mails out 40% off coupons every week.  Even if it is only for one item.

Since I need the extra supplies by the next class I checked out the prices at Michael’s and will probably head over to stupid Mal-Wart tomorrw to see how they compare.  I know I won’t be able to get all the supplies there, but I need to save all the money I can.  The other girls (only 2 other students in the class) were loading up their carts there…not sure how that makes me look, but oh well.  I can’t be worrying about that kind of stuff, right? I’ll definitely need a caddy or container of some sort to hold all my paraphernalia, heehee. Ok, supplies.  😛 

We’re supposed to bring a cake that’s already been frosted, but not decorated.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to try and experiment with a new recipe, or just use a box mix to save time.  This weekend is out when it comes to any sort of free time since the fam is visiting. 

The instructor is an older lady who used to own a catering/cake business in Dallas (back in the 70’s!). She sold the business because she was doing more paperwork than baking and decided she wanted to teach others what she knew. A little on the dry and boring side, but we’ll see how it goes.  As long as she teaches me what I need to know, I’m good.

She did give us a recipe for Wilton’s decorating frosting/icing (I still don’t know the difference) – it’s gross. The majority of it is made from 1 cup of shortening & 1 pound of confectioners sugar.  Ugh.  This is the reason why I never liked frosting.  All those decorated cakes with stiff, tasteless (or rather nasty) disgustingness.  Blah.

We’ll be decorating our cake with a rainbow next week – lots and lots of stars.  I’ll try to take a picture so you can laugh.  🙂

Can’t let you go without leaving you with this stroke of genius: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches!
peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream cookie


2 Responses

  1. Hey there,
    I just started a wilton course last week, I was gullible and went and bought the stuff, I took my 40% and 25% off and got a good discount and I was glad I slept on it and went back the next day! So I guess we’ll both be premiering our rainbow cakes next week! I dont have a recipient for the cake, so I feel I might as well experiment and try a new recipe at least!!

    I’m going to use the wilton frosting just for decorating and go with a yummy buttercream, then people can at least scrape the coloured part off and enjoy the rest!

    Have fun…

  2. Hi Jenny. Thanks for stopping by.

    I still have a few things I need to buy before my 2nd class tomorrow! Oops. I live in a small city where Michael’s and Wal-Mart are the only stores that carry what I needed…and they ran out of #16 tips! So, I may only have a couple colors in my rainbow. 😛

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