The Hotness That Is Jason Wiles

For all those males out there, you may want to go here. Hubby, that includes you.  🙂

I mean, what’s not to like? He’s good looking, he grew up in the mid-west, he’s good looking, he’s a good actor and he’s good looking.  😉  I think I first saw him on 90210?  Or was it in a music video? I just found out he was in Higher Learning – which I happen to have on my Tivo and haven’t watched yet.  Yes, I know I’m about 10 years behind, so?

Which brings me to the fact that I finally got around to watching the latest epidsode of In Plain Sight, and who should happen to grace the screen, but Mr Jason Wiles.  He plays a cop, Epps, (I caught maybe one or two episodes of Third Watch back in the day, but wasn’t a regular viewer) who goes into Witness Protection for narcing on his fellow law enforcement buddies.  Anyway, we find out about 6 months prior Mary slept with Epps, who is her witness, and fast forward to the present, he’s a person of interest in the death of a cop.  By the end of the show Mary’s pretty much broken up with Raph (her on-again off-again, boy toy) and Epps (Wiles) has opted out of WitSec.  Hmmm…do I see some episodes in the future for Mr Wiles?  Season Two perhaps? I hope so.  🙂


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