It’s Not Delivery

Quick & Easy Homemade Pizza
Thin crust pizza topped with sausage, grilled veggies (mushrooms, onions, squash and peppers – all the veggies were from the previous night’s dinner too!) and mozzarella.  So easy.

I can always count on Slashfood to give me something good. 🙂

All the recipes I’ve ever read for pizza dough require the dough to rise, which means I have to plan ahead. Most days, I don’t have that luxury. And those are usually the days when pizza sounds good.  Something easy, quick and satisfying.  So now, instead of getting it delivered, I can make it myself…in less than 30 minutes. Rachael would be proud. 😛

The recipe comes straight from Robbie’s Recipes, so I won’t post it here.  But, I will recommend you check it out if you like a thin crust.  I would also tell you to pre-bake the dough, maybe brushed with a little oil, for a few minutes.  The dough was good but, with the amount topping I like to put on top of a thin crust, it didn’t stand up quite as well as I would have liked.

pizza dough
It looks a little funny, here, but I was able to shape it better once I put it in the pan.


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