Search For The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie, Part 1 *Updated

*Update: I baked more cookies from the original batch at 24 & 48 hours. I couldn’t discern a difference in taste, but the cookies did come out of the oven slightly darker each day (with the same temperature and cooking time).

nothing better
What could be better than this?

leaning tower of cookies

I think I’m in trouble.  I’ve already started the search for the ultimate birthday cupcake.  Do I have time to go in search of the holy grail of cookies?!  What’m I thinking?  I think I’ve started reading way too many food blogs lately, some of which have posted about this article in the New York Times.  First it was Serious Eats, then Joy the Baker began her Chocolate Chip Cookie Debate – Part 1 & Part 2.  I was hooked. 

Of all the chocolate chip cookie recipes I’ve tried (which has been at LEAST 5 in the past year – including a Levain copycat), I’ve never tried “The Chewy“.  And I’m not sure how I’ve missed it, considering, it’s on Food Network’s website AND it’s Alton Brown!  I love me some Alton.  He’s so informative and I really enjoy his sense of humor.  But, back to the cookie. 

I’m morally (maybe I need a different word here?) opposed to a thin & crispy cookie.  I believe in a nice, thick and chewy cookie.  But, I’m not sure I’ve found it.  Maybe I didn’t chill it long enough?  Maybe I fiddled with it too much?  Maybe I tried to get too creative, haha?  Who knows.  What I do know is, I have more dough in the refrigerator and I’ll be baking a few cookies each night to see if the cookie gets better with “age”. 😉

A few other notes about this particular recipe.  My dough only chilled for an hour. There are no specifics on how long to chill the dough. It just says “Chill the dough”. Also, I baked it for 12 minutes, which is 2 minutes shy of Alton’s suggestion, and the edges came out a little darker than I like. I only had some special dark and some mini semi-sweet chips, so that’s what I used.  I also tried to create a “surprise” white chocolate middle, but ended up with white chocolate chips scattered in the middle. I used my cookie scoop and scooped out two balls, flattened them a bit, then put some white chocolate chips in the middle, then the other piece of dough on top. This is what I ended up with:

white chocolate surprise!

My next test: Let the dough chill for 12-24 hours and use an ice cream scoop (although, I have no idea what a #20 disher is exactly…guess I’ll have to look it up). I’ll keep you posted. 😉

Now for my husband’s favorite part:
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


3 Responses

  1. #20 disher is a 1.6oz scoop (just over 3tbsp). You can use it, weigh out the 1.6 oz or use a 1/4c measuring cup and not fill it up all the way. I just made those cookies so I had to find out what in the world that scoop size meant. Hope it helps you and wasn’t provided too late.

  2. Kat, thanks so much for the info. I was lazy and just used a regular ice cream scoop. I knew that even if I found out what the actual size was, I had no way of getting one quickly.

  3. […] Part 1 was Alton’s “The Chewy” which showcased 1 egg and 1 egg yolk, melted butter and a higher ratio of brown sugar to white sugar.  All the same components showed up in this recipe. By using my oh-so-highly-honed-skills-of-deduction, it seems this is what gives the cookies their chewy texture.  […]

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