Let The Picture Taking Commence


(MC drinking his juice in the hood, ok, ok, milk at home, whatever)

New camera is here!  May the picture taking commence.  Ok, maybe not quite yet.  I still have a lot to learn.  I did take a couple test shots, just to see how it felt.  I’m not used to having to look through a viewfinder, but I think I’ll live. 

Hubs is out of town for a couple days, so I have lone toddler duty.  Apparently MC hasn’t been sleeping the full two hours during nap time the past couple days, which I think is why he’s so cranky by the time we get home.  Not only is he hungry, but he’s sleepy too.  Great. 

He’s been eating like a mad man lately – not what I want him to eat, but at least he’s eating, right?  Maybe he’s going through a growth spurt.  Which reminds me, I better call his ped and make an appointment for his 2 year checkup.  I can not believe he’s going to be 2 in August.  He’s growing up way too fast for me.


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