Movies to Watch Before You Kick the “Bucket”

Ok, ok, bad play on words, but in all seriousness, The Bucket List was a pretty good movie.  It was heartfelt in a way that wasn’t overly cheesy and still made you tear up.  Ok, it made me tear up.  The Hubs doesn’t “tear up”.  Jack Nicholson played his normal obnoxious old man role and Morgan Freeman played the kind hearted intelligent blue collar family man.

Edward and Carter meet in a hospital (owned by Edward) while undergoing treatment for cancer.  Both are only given a few months to live, so they decide to do all these things before they “kick the bucket”.  Not a new concept or idea, but it was executed pretty well. 

The other movie we watched over the weekend was The Onion Movie.  Now, if you’ve never read The Onion, then you won’t really get this movie.  I’m not sure I even really got the movie.  They make fun of every stereotype possible, along with all the news in the world today, in a skit type format, but with the premise of a news show.  It was pretty hilarious…even the part where Gedde Watanabe says “me no rikey”.  Yes, it was offensive, but I’m weird that way.  I thought it was funny at the same time.


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