What You Should Do When Your Child Wakes You Up At 5:30 AM

Make these! I’m not kidding! These Blueberry Crumblies will not make it through the day. This is the first of many recipes I’ll be making from Noble Pig.

I’d love to show you some pictures, but I’m waiting on some giftcards to purchase my new camera.  But, there is really no need for me to post them anyway.  Cathy already has great step-by-step pics and finished product pics – mine looked ALMOST that good. 😛

And yes, I really was up at 5:30am.  Not normal for me, but apparently wide-awake time for MC.  He won’t just play by himself in the mornings either.  He likes for one of us to be around him while he does whatever it is he does.  I am NOT a morning person, people.  If I need to be out the door at 8:00am (which is a normal day), I’m up around 7:15, maybe 7:30.  I am low low low (flo-rida people) maintenance.  Jump in the shower, jump out.  Let’s go!

Since I couldn’t just sit there and play – I had to be more active, or I would not have made it through the morning – I figured I’d bake up some breakfast.  Mmmm…I’m off to go nibble on a crumblie!


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